Have you ever wondered if the article you’re reading is reputable? Have you ever thought about the sources for articles against a politician and wondered if they were legitimate? Have you looked outside at the weather and wondered if the media buzz about Climate Change or Global Warming is for a good reason? Did you wonder if it’s real or not? If you ever catch yourself thinking about these types of questions, then SciLife is the right place for you.

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My name is Tyler and I’m the creator of SciLife. The goal of this website is to establish an independent platform to discuss real-world issues surrounding politics, climate change, war and terror, and more. This website will discuss their impacts that they may have on our world. New events will influence the world in the future so being informed is a good start to being prepared.

My goal is to give you a realistic view of the world with an easy-to-follow and understandable approach to the subjects that are discussed on this site. I want to give you the tools to think for yourself so you can think about political theory and political events without being influenced by others’ opinions.

I want to explain the sociological and psychological factors that influence the way people vote or how they think and how it converts into political power.

The creators behind SciLife are independent data analysts and writers who seek to establish informed discussion about important events around the world. SciLife seeks to discuss politics, government, and world affairs in a sophisticated and informed manner.


If you would like to get a feel for the type of content on this site, then here’s a link to my first article about the healthcare in America to help get you started.

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