Bernie Sanders
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at the Paul R. Knapp Learning Center in Des Moines, Iowa.
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The 2016 presidential election is fast approaching and two of the main candidates in the race are Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. While the other major contender for the Democratic Party nomination is Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, his numbers are negligible when compared to Sanders and Clinton.

Within the last several days, there have been several updates in recent polling throughout Iowa and New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders now leads against Hillary Clinton in both New Hampshire and Iowa.

In the latest poll by Monmouth University, The Vermont Senator earned 53 percent against Clinton’s 39 percent and polled better in virtually all categories in New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders now polls higher with women and people who are 50 and over. This is an enormous turnaround for the Sanders’ campaign when compared to November’s polling in which Clinton lead against Sanders 48-45 and Clinton had the advantage with women and with people who are 50 and over. Martin O’Malley remained in the single digits with 5%.

According to the latest poll by Quinnipiac University, Bernie Sander’s now also has the lead with 49% as opposed to Hillary Clinton’s 44%. Martin O’Malley earned 4%. Clinton still polls better with women in Iowa, garnering about 55% and Bernie earning 39%. This is opposed to Clinton earning 51% and Sanders’ with 40% just last month.

Bernie Sanders
Photo from a Bernie Sanders for President campaign event. The audience was primarily students and young adults asking the U.S. Senator from Vermont about issues ranging from education to immigration to crime to child care. The event was held at Creative Visions, an organization founded by former Des Moines School Board member and current State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad.

If polling in one unsuccessful election wasn’t enough to deter Mrs. Clinton, then she may be on the precipice of being a back to back defeated presidential hopeful. The first time, then-Senator Barack Obama took the primary elections in 2008 against Hillary Clinton who was the other major Democratic hopeful. If Mrs. Clinton loses in this election, it would be the second time that Clinton lead in polls until the end-game and lost.

If polling continues to show a favor towards Bernie Sanders, this could potentially destroy Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes as well as simultaneously arming the Sanders’ campaign with more credibility.


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